Names of Interest

While conducting research into the life of Carol Balan, I have encountered many different people across the world who have come into contact with him or who may be related to him.

Below is a list of the people who I know have links to Carol Balan, either directly or indirectly.

Allen Joyce, Phyllis
Bain Joyce, Phyllis
Bain Ivy, May
Balan Carol
Balan Harrie, Arona
Balan Carol, Esther
Balan Eva
Balan Lupu
Balan Wolf
Balan Otilia / Ottilia
Balan Sophia
Balan Rebeca
Balan Isidor
Balan Otilia
Balan Gedalie
Balan Anna
Bondfield Margaret
Collette Berthe, Marie, Elisa
Cooke Edwin G.
Faingold Eva
Feingold Eva
Feingold Otilia / Ottilia
Feingold Samuel
Forbes Carol, Esther
Forbes Adelaide, Eva
Forbes Samuel
Glasser Nessa / Nesse
Hangin Rebeca
Hangin Vidgar / Victor
Lipson Adelaide, Eva
Marks Harrie, Arona
Marks Noah
Marks Adelaide, Eva
Marks Esther
Marks John
Moore Claude, Hugh
Moore Charles, Harrington
Norman Harrie, Arona
Norman John
Norman Adelaide, Eva
Norman Esther
Voisin Paulette
Voisin Louis, Andre
Voisin Berthe, Marie, Elisa
Zusman Eva
Zusman Bertram
Zusman Leo